The symptoms and treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

Osteoarthritis of the knee – the most common form of the disease to the musculoskeletal system, that is, the total destruction or even deformation, of the fabric of the articular cartilage. According to the statistics from it to suffer up to 22% of the entire population of the world. Basically, it is a common condition in people of advanced age, or even in trained athletes. Each and every person, you found it just as unpleasant as the disease, the question arises: how do you treat osteoarthritis of the knee?

osteoarthritis of the knee

The cause of osteoarthritis

Before you can start directly with the treatment of your arthritis, you need to find out why it came to be. Causes are very different:

  • a large amount of work. Physical assets of the classes should match with the age. Therefore, it is the man, after 40 years of age, the preference for a work-out in moderate limits and under the conditions of the load. Do not you cope with the difficult task of representing older people, the relationship will not survive, and are susceptible to damage. At times, it can occur that breaks the capillaries, which are not clearly visible and may be harmful to the common large;
  • on the road. It's just that it becomes a source of arthritis in younger people. Any fracture, dislocation, or damage to the meniscus can be a cause of the development of the disease. Because in order to heal the injury, and the need to lock the knees. It worsens when I do, it's movement, and leads to arthritis;
  • obesity and being overweight. The entire weight of the body is the knee joint, the cartilage, the tissue breaks down with such a load, with the result that the disease. If, in addition to obesity are still there, and varicose veins, it is possible to develop a severe form of arthritis;
  • disruption of the body's metabolism. In such a situation, it is often the lack of calcium, which has a negative impact on the state of the bone tissue and cartilage in general.
  • in a stressful situation. Any failure of over-voltage stress has a negative impact on the health of the joints and of man. In order to avoid this, it is worth more time to relax and not be too much work and you are constantly switching your brain work with your body.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee

The symptoms, when the read tribe is very different, but they are very characteristic:

  1. the pain. In the early stages of the disease, it is very weak, and you feel stronger the physical activities. Last, in this state, and for a couple of years, until the onset of the disease is increasing. When it comes to osteoarthritis of the knee, at the 2 level, the pain becomes more and more pronounced. Your knee may hurt even at rest after a long walk, or rise hard;
  2. off. It is the characteristic of the pain. It appears 2 to 3 the initial stages of osteoarthritis;
  3. the strain is applied. In the early stages of the knee, slightly swollen, more of the same, it starts to change its shape;
  4. mobility is restricted. It is in the advanced stages of the disease. All attempts to bend and straighten your knee causes a sharp pain. The movement is only possible in the folded up feet.
  5. cyst a Baker. Thus, it is called the rubber seal on the back of the knee. It is due to the accumulation of a large amount of joint fluid. Treated in an easy way, without any surgical intervention.

The extent of the arthritis

the extent of the arthritis
  1. 1, the degree of arthrosis of the knee joint that is leaking out is practically without symptoms. It may be fatigue in the legs, and in the short term, for a violation of the mobility, which takes place after the night. The pain can be significant. To identify the medical condition is only possible by means of x-rays.
  2. 2 the degree of arthrosis of the knee joint, the pain becomes greater. It occurs during the loading of the joint, and then it disappears after a long rest. It is added to smash it with your foot on the progression of synovitis (cyst, Baker), changes in the bones, joints, and difficulty in flexing the knee joint.
  3. 3, the degree of osteoarthritis of the knee is different than the pain from the head to the outside of a load. The second characteristic that makes a man's inability to bend the leg at the knee joint alone. The pain is quite alarming for sleep, with the affected area, to actively respond to climate change. The deformation of the knee joint can lead to a failure.

To diagnose the disease

To start with, a medical consultation with the patient, and to watch it. After that, it necessarily will be presented with a survey, in the form of x-rays. In addition, the doctor may recommend magnetic resonance imaging, and computed tomography. With such a complex set of procedures, you'll be able to find out the exact causes of the onset of the disease, and to understand what is gonarthrosis, and not from any other disease.

Ways to cure osteoarthritis in the knee

Once a diagnosis is made, you can get immediate treatment. It includes the following methods:

  • The drug-based treatment.
  • Massage therapy and physical therapy.
  • The operating of the action.
  • Recovery.

Very important are the physical therapies, massage and following a proper diet. The treatment is to eliminate pain, to establish the natural function of the joint, the ability to restore the articular cartilage.

Treatment is with drugs interactions

Drugs to a greater extent, to a release from the pain, because it's keeping you from starting your self-treatment right away. For this reason, your doctor pass pain-killers and anti-inflammatory non-steroids, an ointment, a gel.

When the above steps do not work for you, it is prescribed for the treatment of hormonal drugs. It can cause many side effects. It is for this reason that it is prescribed for only short-courses to your application.

  1. The ointment may get rid of the pain and some to reduce inflammation.
  2. Hyaluronic acid is a very effective in the early stages of osteoarthritis. The drug is injected directly into the joint. In this procedure, you must be an expert with highly qualified staff. Because, in the case of the penetration of oxygen in the blood, they can be a major hassle.
  3. With the drug of the action is slow, it is capable of changing itself, is the cause of the arthritis, especially in the start-up phase. Medicines that can restore the production of fluid in the joints and the cartilage that is damaged.

Physical therapy

This treatment is very effective in the early stages of osteoarthritis of the knee joints: relieves pain, helps restore the functional ability of the joint it resolves spasm of the muscles. An individual program of physical activity picks up, and the doctor, based on the results of the survey.

The operational intervention

The surgical treatment is different. It depends on the level of the action:

  1. at arthroscopy. This procedure is carried out by means of the introduction of the endoscope and the auxiliary tools in the custom made hole in the hinge. Therefore, they are excluded from the fabric, which has become a source of pain. In the operation of safeguards, and can be repeatedly replayed. It is also carried out in the first stage of the disease;
  2. osteotomy. It is an artificial fracture into the bone tissue and have grown in properly. Carried out following the above procedure, when the deformity of the joint of the knee;
  3. there. This is accomplished by a complete replacement of the victim in the knee implant.

Proper nutrition

Many times, the cause of the development of arthritis, it may become a single failure in the body's metabolism. Because of this, it leads to a whole set of excess weight and obesity, which becomes a cause of osteoarthritis. It is for this reason that, during the period of treatment, you should follow a special diet.

The patient must eat foods that are rich in vitamins as well as macro, as well as the calorie count. Eating needs frequently and in smaller portions, which will speed up the body's metabolism. The breakfast in the morning you should be full healthy to stock up on energy for the whole day. In the daily diet should necessarily be present in cereals, vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

To delete from the front desk you need the fatty and salty snacks, soft drinks, semi-finished products. It is not necessary to use the banana's, grapes, cabbage, tomatoes, pepper, Bulgarian, any of the baked goods, and chocolate. It is worth noting that during this period than ever before in need of the protein. Therefore, the use of the ricotta cheese, yogurt, and cheese should be mandatory.

For dinner you need more than two hours of sleep. Throughout the day, preferably, drink up to two litres of water. If it is clear that the patient did not suffer from kidney disease.

In folk medicine,

A cure for the osteoarthritis of the knee-joint can be made with your own hands. It can be all sorts of creams, compresses, rubbing, lotion. But I do use them, you only need to complex it with other drugs, and only after consulting with your doctor first.

  1. Dent-de-lion. Its flowers are washed out, and eat up to 6 pieces per day. Also, prepare the vegetable broth. For this purpose, the dried dandelion, pour in the boiling water. After it has cooled down, drink 1/3 glass for three times a day. Also, in the process of preparing a tincture for the tooth-to-day?" To prepare it it is necessary to take a dark bottle to fall asleep on his flowers, and pour in the alcohol. After about a month of the infusion can be applied as a rub on the patient's articulation.
  2. In Aloe vera. Cleaning your worksheet, you may want to fit in with the tribe throughout the night. This will help to reduce the pain and relieve the swelling. This plant can also be made a tool for rubbing. For this reason, in a grinder of the meat emulsion through a dozen sheets. Then squeeze in the juice of a half of a piece of gauze and cover with half a cup of honey. Add 150 ml of wine and mix all the ingredients together, place in a dark place. Enjoy the need to the month.
  3. So, the actual compression can take away the salt, the mustard, and sand. All of the ingredients to mix together, heat in a frying pan, and then fold in the stock market. Applying to a patient in the place. This type of treatment is going to help you in the activation process of recovery, improve blood circulation and relieve the pain.