Osteoarthritis - symptoms, signs, and methods of treatment

Osteoarthritis is a severe dystrophy of the cartilage of the joint, with no swelling. This is a disease that is very common, since it is directly related to the start up process of aging in the body. Many times, they are a little more than 10% of the population of the country. Most often, the disease appears in persons of middle age. Many times, arthritis, it appears, and those who are less the result of fractures of the limbs, and serious injuries.

The more the traumatic space of the knee and phalangeal joints. The disease appears often to be there. The patient, some of the time, you can really feel the pain. The pain may appear in cases when the joint is influencing some of the load. If the load is absent, the pain may be absent, and the patient may not know how it is to be sick.

Osteoarthritis of the knee

As a result of the disease, the articular cartilage is strongly to lose its elasticity. All of this is of type 2, on the arthritis.

  1. The primary osteoarthritis. Without special causes. Their victims are the articular cartilage, which are located in many joints at the same time. It is most often seen in people under the age of 40 years. Due to such a large shift of the cartilage, by simply crumbling from the inside to the outside;
  2. In secondary osteoarthritis. With the win, manifested in changes in the processes of metabolism and of the circulation of the blood supply, and the salt service gets worse). The women, too, are of the most common hormonal disorders due to a general change in the levels of the hormone.

So, who are the most sick of for the win:

  • People with excess of weight;
  • People with congenital heart disease or predisposed to the disease;
  • The elderly
  • The people who work in hazardous to your health-related posts to high loads;
  • People with disturbances in the metabolism of the lack of nutrients in the body.
  • The people who are subjected to a variety of injuries, and
  • Some of the players.

They share, too, of the extent of the arthritis, the severity of the disease.

  1. The onset of osteoarthritis in the first degree is not subject to any of the symptoms. Painful sensations can occur during any physical activity. However, the changes are irreversible, and weakening of the muscle of the instrument is manifested in time;
  2. With the win, the second-grade level. This phase is quite severe and is associated with the onset of the deformation of the joint and the first bone spurs. The pain experienced by the patient, and more tolerant, but has a bright expression. On the part of the affected joints, occurs in the cracking. They are to be violated, and muscular functions;
  3. With the win, the third-grade level. It is heavier, it is a stage of development. The cartilage, at this time, which is already very poor. The muscles, the exhaustion of cartilage, a lot will lose their ability to contract.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis has the following generalized signs of protest:

  • The point of cider, the growing of the forum and in the rain;
  • Co-ordination with the strain and a significant increase in the volume
  • It increases the temperature of the skin around the patient's joint, as well as the increase of the temperature of the whole body;
  • Get the swelling, they appear on the sore swelling;
  • During the physical activity and the occurrence of any of the charges (as in climbing stairs), the joint begins with a crunch and a squeak.

In the case of a disease of the blood, hit the wall, but on the inside, bone by increasing the pressure, the pain may be less well tolerated.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis

With the win, regarded as a group of chronic diseases. It can occur in just a few years ago, when it first appeared just as one discomfort, for the tension of the muscles and joints. But it turns out that the rapid development of the disease that is sufficient for a number of months. Therefore, if you receive one of the following symptoms, it is worthwhile to refer to the immediately by your doctor.

  1. Occurs excruciating pain. Most of the time it manifested itself during the time of a cargo;
  2. Aches and pains in the body and burn the city. The pain most often manifests itself at low temperatures. Set off, initially, barely a whisper, but to the extent that, in the course of the disease, it can become audible, even to each other;
  3. They appear swollen. This is a symptom that is a characteristic that is similar to the disease of arthritis. It is accompanied by a nasty, nagging pain.

The prevention of osteoarthritis

The prevention of this disease, it is necessary for all those who have at least a little predisposed to it. First of all, don't forget to of physical activity, as well as a fine puree of the joint remains mobile, and the muscles retain the ability to properly slow down. Also, don't forget about the food and about the use of vitamins.

For the treatment of osteoarthritis

The treatment of this disease is still a topical issue, which is what the health care professionals scratching their heads. And even though it has been developed by a number of medications, to finally find a cure, it is not possible to any of them. Listed below are the drug and its intended use.

  • Ibuprofen, diclofenac and any other NSAIDS. These drugs are able to significantly reduce the inflammatory process. Diclofenac is designed to lubricate the outer portion of a patient joint;
  • Introduction to the special apply the drug to the inside of the joint. These drugs are characterized by a rapid resolution of the inflammatory process, and the resolution of the mobility.
  • Introduction in the articulation of a special lubricant, such as hyaluronic acid. This measure will apply if, after they have been cleared of all inflammatory processes. The acid plays the role of a lubricant which reduces the friction in the joints, and improves mobility.

Operating in the interference, when the worsening of the disease

If the drugs don't help, you'll have to resort to the operation. Among them, the most effective are the ones that are listed below.

  1. There. This is a complete replacement for cartilagemnew the joint made with the seal. As a result of an operation that decreases the pain and improves the mobility.
  2. At arthroscopy. It prevents the destruction of the joint. As a result of the operation is the elimination of the foci of the inflammation;
  3. Prosthesis. If this is the case, all of the parts of the joint completely artificial-they are replaced by other components. These components are fabricated from a material that does not reiciendis in the body. The service life of the prosthesis, on an average, it is 10 years old.

If the disease is aggravated, it is not worth to play the online intervention, as well as a move to win, it can seriously affect your mobility.

After taking the drug, and that the operations do not forget to exercise. The result of this exercise should be to prevent the weakening of the ligament. The complex of necessary exercise, it is best to consult with your doctor. A knowledgeable doctor to find out for you on the workouts that you will carry out a week after the disappearance of the pain. As a result of the exercise, you will restore joint movement, increase flexibility and muscle strength, and their own joints.