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  • Stages of development of cervical osteochondrosis. The main symptoms of the disease, preventive measures.
  • Causes and manifestations of cervical osteochondrosis. Effective therapeutic options: lifestyle and dietary adjustments, medications, folk remedies and wearing orthopedic structures.
  • Characteristics and dietary rules for arthrosis of the knee joint. Allowed and forbidden foods, for example the menu for the day.
  • What is the neck osteocondrose, and how to remove the aggravation? The symptoms of the disease, methods of treatment and prevention.
  • Osteocondrose - a disease of the articular cartilage surfaces of the bones in the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine and also the joints of the hip and the knee). Osteocondrose has four stages in its development.
  • The symptoms and treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. The cause of the arthritis. The symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee. The degree of osteoarthritis. The diagnosis of the disease. Ways to cure osteoarthritis in the knee.
  • Osteocondrose - with unexplained pain and discomfort in the lower back and the neck. It is considered that the development of this type of breach is caused by fair wear and tear, and age of deformation of the intervertebral disc, and the other elements of the spinal column.
  • Osteoarthritis of the facet joints is a chronic of the current, and he can hit any of the joints, with the result that affects the articular cartilage. It manifests as osteoarthritis, is the most often, after migrated in to the disease.